Shoes sent into the store will assessed beforehand to check the actual condition of the shoes. Shoes that are in bad condition may be rejected. Our team will offer a suggested sale price for the shoes after assessing the condition such as (how long has it been worn, what brand, what size, what construction, etc.). A price tag will then be labeled on the shoes once the retail price is confirmed and agreed on.
Once the shoes are sold, The Mason and Smith Group will take a cut on the final sale price. Shoes can remain in the odd stock room if they are not sold; clients can choose to take the shoes back at any point in time after a minimum period of 3 months. Images of your second shoes are not permitted for use outside of our marketing channels and will incur a penalty of the seizure of the shoe if this rule is found to be infringed. 
The Mason and Smith Group is free to sell these shoes on various platforms apart from the physical retail store; this is so that we can increase the probability of a sale through various sales channels instead of one.
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