1. Shoe Shining, Cleaning, Repair and Colouring Services: 


1a. Mason and Smith take utmost care when working on items entrusted to us. We use repair methods and products best suited to their nature and condition. 


1b. The robustness of glue repair is not guaranteed as it is highly dependent on the material to which the glue is applied. To ensure that the glue remains strong and intact, the user is encouraged to wear the shoes regularly after repair. If the glue comes off, the user may bring it back to us for re-glueing or repair without additional charges; if the matter is reported or highlighted 30 days after the shoes are collected, an additional glueing or repair charge will be imposed. The extent of the damage will determine the glueing or repair charge.


1c. Due diligence is practised to colour items to their closest match. Due to the application methods and condition of the materials, complete colour match/evenness is not guaranteed. The Colour of photos of shoes may differ from the actual colours of the physical shoe. 


1d. Complete removal of stains/yellowing is not guaranteed. We aim to improve the appearance of the items while preserving its original texture and structural integrity as much as possible.


1e. Specialised commercial products will be used to remove mould and disinfect the items. However, there is also the possibility of the mould reappearing on the same shoes. This could be due to various reasons such as moisture levels,  storage methodology and weather. Smell (mildew/mould/odour) may only be reduced but is not guaranteed. 


1f. We cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials/structure that are not visibly apparent prior to proceeding with our services, or during the actual service. 


1g. There are variables involved with the natural ageing of materials. Mason and Smith is not responsible for any damage that occur to the shoe prior to the service. Mason and Smith is also unable to ascertain what was done to the shoe prior to the assessment.  We can, however, recommend additional services if perceived necessary. 


1h. Customers are to indicate expectations of their items before payment. Additional charges may incur for changes to services that have already been fulfilled, or otherwise in the process of fulfilment


1g. All photo illustrations are for reference purposes. The final results might differ depending on the item's existing condition.


2. Parcel and Delivery Services:


2a. Complimentary Pickup and Delivery request submissions are processed immediately. You will be informed of the delivery details within 2 working days via SMS/WhatsApp. Otherwise, kindly reach out to us.


2b. For changes to time frame, parcel placement, pickup/delivery date, postponement request, or cancellation, clients are to inform our team immediately upon receiving the delivery details.


Additional charges may apply if rescheduling or alternative delivery options are required, due to items not being ready for pick up on time, or if courier personnel is unable to gain access to fulfil service.


2c. Mason and Smith is unable to make any adjustments or reschedule upon confirmed booking.


Mason and Smith is not responsible for parcels that are being delivered to the wrong address because of the failure to declare the correct address. Additional charges may apply if a parcel is lost due to the incorrect or incomplete declaration of the delivery address.


2d. Deliveries will be fulfilled by official courier service providers. Items will be appropriately packed to minimise any possible damage that may alter the final results. 

2e. For complimentary pick up, exclude any shoe trees when packing the shoes in the pick up box.  

2f. Mason and Smith will not be liable for any late delivery, item loss or accidents that occurred during delivery. Clients are advised to opt for priority delivery options or self-arrange in the event they require their shoes to reach them within a certain period of time. 


3. General Services, Purchases & Collections: 


3a. Customers must inspect all items at the point of purchase/collection. All transactions processed are final.


3b. For quality issues, customers are to contact us within 7 days of collection. Mason and Smith will assume no responsibility thereafter. Mason and Smith is not liable for any quality issue or damages to uncollected items caused by prolong storage.


3c. In the event of loss by fire, damage or any other loss item, Mason and Smith assumes no responsibility or liability. Whether partially or completely damaged, the item will be retained by us upon settlement if any, unless otherwise agreed by Mason and Smith.


3d. For self-collection, the client will be notified by email when items are ready for collection. Items not collected within 30 days will be discarded unless otherwise agreed by Mason and Smith.


3e. By paying for the invoice, you acknowledge that you have accepted all the above terms and conditions of service.


4. Return Policy:


4a. We offer returns within 7 days of purchase in-store or receiving your order through delivery.


4b. Refund of in-store purchases within the day will be processed via transaction reversal. For refunds after day of purchase, partial refunds, or if transaction reversal is not possible, amount will be credited via PayNow or bank transfer (PayNow and Bank transfer will incur a 3.1% credit card charge ) within 7 working days.


4c. Refunds are only applicable to products that are not used/opened in original condition with the original packaging.


4d. Items such as damaged goods, seconds, sale/ marked down items, MTO/Bespoke and all custom orders are strictly non-refundable.


4e. Mason & Smith reserves the right to refuse a refund/exchange based on the condition of the merchandise.