About us




98 Club Street 
Singapore 069467

Monday – Friday – 11-7pm
Saturday – 12- 5pm
Sunday – Closed

+65 9351 5420

Mason & Smith is Singapore’s first artisan shoe shining and leather care store that grew from an obsession with restoring vintage men’s shoes. Taking pains to preserve the traditional methods of shoe polishing, we are able to provide excellent and professional leather restoration services. Each and every piece of leather is polished strictly by hand and treated with the best leather care products available to lovingly restore its deserved lustre.

All items that arrive in our workshop are handled with care and carefully renovated and restored to its former glory. Our craftsmen devote individualised attention as they polish and clean the leather products, seeing it through from start to finish. This way, the restoration process remains consistent throughout.

At our first and the only shoe shine bar in Singapore, clients are invited to indulge in our lounge services while waiting for their shoes to be polished.  We also retail an array of premium leather care products for a discerning gentleman’s every need when it comes to polishing that pair of fine leather footwear – that pair of mirror polished footwear that promises to turn heads.


 Mason & Smith is also the winner of the World Shoe Shine Championship 2018 that took place at the London Super Trunk Show.

For more information about the championship, click here