Thank you for making an appointment to get your shoes picked up ; due to the COVID situation, we have updated our delivery protocols to provide you with a safer, seamless and hassle free contactless pick up service. 

Contactless pick up service instructions 
1. An empty delivery box will be sent over to your location prior to the pick up. Kindly pack the shoes into the box given to you prior to the delivery. The box will contain bubble wrap for you to protect your shoes during delivery. Do let us know how many pairs you intend to send so that we are able to send you the appropriate size of box. The pincode for the box will be sent to you after the box has been delivered.
2. The delivery box will contain a new return shipping label with QR code. Please paste the new shipping label OVER the old shipping label on the front of the box. The parcel will be rejected if this is not done. 
3. Await the phone call or message from the courier. The courier operates between 10-7pm and will usually call you prior to arriving at your place. If you're not going to be available during the day of collection or wish to opt for a contactless service, please leave the box outside your house or residence on the day of pick up so the courier can collect it without being in contact with you. 
How do I select the service for the shoes?
We will contact you once shoes arrive back in the workshop. Thereafter, you will be able to communicate with our shoe shine personnel via email or whatsapp to discuss the services you wish to have rendered for the shoes
You may also request for the same set of services rendered for your other shoes if you have visited and used our services before.
How do I make payment?
A payment invoice will be sent to your email after the services are selected and prior to starting the repair work. You may pay via major credit cards / PAYNOW / Bank transfer. Details of the payment will be made known to you in the invoice after the service is selected.
How long will my shoe be ready?
Shoes will take about 2-5 working days to be completed. Clients will be notified once shoes are ready to be collected or sent back. Shoes will be delivered only after payment has been made.
For any further queries, call us at +65 93515420 or email us at