Report : London Super Trunk 2018

Report : London Super Trunk 2018


Left to Right : Shoes polished by Thomas, Pete and John Chung


The London Super Trunk is an annual event organised by Shoegazing and The Shoe Snob. With more than 800 people visiting this year, the event is slowly becoming popular with a lot of the shoe afficionados. With the World Championship in Shoe Shining running for the 2nd year and World Championship in Shoe Making taking place for the first year, the interesting addition has started to gather not just shoe enthusiast, but also shoe makers and people working in the industry to come learn from one another.

 The following brands were being represented at the event :


Clematis Ginza

J. FitzPatrick Footwear,

Jsep, Japan Shoes Export Platform (MatsumotoMiyagi Kogyo, Kanpekina and Kiten), 

Mario Bemer


Norman Vilalta

Paolo Scafora

The Sabot (Meccariello, Yohei Fukuda, Andrés Sendra and Joe Works) and 


Main partner of the event is the shoe care brand Saphir,

partners are Exquisite Trimmings (accessories) 

Mes Chaussettes Rouges (socks). 


A crowd gathers for the shoe shining competition
Shoe talk 
Nicholas Templeman sharing a moment with his friend Gary who wrote Master Shoemakers
Saphir's booth at the event
Saphir, being one of the main partners of the event, showcases their entire range of shoe care products. Mirror gloss and waxes for the shoe shining compeition are also provided for by Saphir. 
Justin Fitzpatrick , also known as The Shoe Snob, boasts a huge selection of shoes with MTO options. 
Button Boot options
High quality Italian shoes from Paolo Scafora
Paolo Scafora is a small, family owned artisan manufacturer based in Naples, Italy. Handmade shoes with a modern and contemporary twist. Shoes starts from 890 Euros.
Clematis Ginza
Clematis Ginza is run by  Keitaro Takano and  Chiemi Chiba. Keitaro Takano started learning shoe making from  NOBUYOSHI SEKI, one of a few old Japanese bespoke shoe maker left. 
Interesting take on the lazy man. Shoes by Clematis Ginza
Clematis Ginza also hosts trunks shows around the world, the most recent ones with Ascot Shoes and Liverano Liverano 
Adding a splash of colour with SARTO LONDON
Sarto London retailing a variety of accessories such as Simpson and Bespoke Dudes Eyewear
The Japanese Shoes Export Platform team
The JSEP organization aim is to promote the export of shoes into other markets around the world. Consisting of four Japanese brands,  MatsumotoMiyagi Kogyo, Kanpekina and Kiten, they offered very high quality products with a great price point.
Matsumoto have been making shoes since 1957. Using only European leathers from Annonya or  Weinheimer, their shoes start from 600 euros.
Boots from Kanpekina
Kanpekina aka Perfetto creates a variety of Goodyear Welted shoes ranging from classic styles to funky boots in a combination of materials. Kanpekina , translated meaning of "perfect" in the Japanese language, represents the policy of the founder. Blake, Bologna and various different construction options are available upon request. 
Reading through the Miyagi Kogyo catalogue
Miyagi Kogyo was founded in 1941 at the request of the military.  These Goodyear welted British style shoes retail from around  470 euros
Loafers from Barbanera 
Barbanera, an Italian company challenging the definitions of shoes, style and quality, begins to offer apparel and accessories. Find out more about Barbanera here 
Boots from Barbanera 
Shoes from Myrqvist
Myrqvist is a Swedish footwear brand that offers high quality footwear at an affordable price point. Retails for about 190 euros. Shoes are currently retailed on the Herrstil website.
Tassel loafers from  Myrqvist
Mario Bemer explaining the bespoke processes to a client 
Mario Bemer's bold design and bright colours on the display shoes is hard to miss. Mario's shoes often combines precious materials paired with a strong Italian last shape. Click here for more information about Mario Bemer 's RTW, MTO and Bespoke programmes. 
Strong patinated finish on this derby by Mario Bemer
Norman Vilalta with Mikołaj Pawełczak (Blue Loafers)
Norman Vilalta's shoes have always been very fascinating. An artist in his own right, he creates shoes to push the boundaries and redefine the meaning of classic shoes for men. He captures his clients with amazing 3D patina works, rubber outsoles and 
signature asymmetric design lines. 
Mind boggling patina work on Norman Vilalta's shoes 
Two tones
Adelaide's by Norman Vilalta
Skolyx booth
Swedish online store Skolyx has recently launched their own brand TLB. TLB is made in Spain, retailing for around 300 euros. Patina MTO will also be available through Magic Mike Patina, a good entry level for those looking at patinated goodyear welted shoes. 
More pictures and updates on the World Championship in Shoe Making in the following post