Gaziano & Girling was established in 2006 by Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling primarily to bridge that gap between Bespoke shoes and a ready to wear pair. 

Gaziano & Girling  shoes has gone on to capture the attention of many with it's innovative and contemporary approach, reinventing many of the classic designs and silhouettes we often associate with British shoemakers.

Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling have been making high-end shoes in England for over 25 years. Our objective has been to create the finest men’s shoes in the world, mixing Italian lines and comfort with British craft and tradition. Achieving this goal takes immense dedication and a zero-compromise approach to shoemaking.

Shoes are entirely made in our own factory in Kettering, Northamptonshire. This is where our team of nearly 20 people dedicates time and energy to producing what they consider to be the finest shoes in the world. Their operatives are highly trained and work under the direct supervision of Dean Girling and Tony Gaziano.

The ready to wear features a beveled fiddle-back waist, with a stained V-style design and contrasting dark brown with chestnut colour foresole and heel, patterned on traditional bespoke aesthetics. Combined with proportioned patterns that work in perfect harmony with bespoke-designed lasts, the result is a shoe that fits and looks better than any other shoe made today. Our shoes have many features that are not seen elsewhere in ready-to-wear, some of which have been inspired by bespoke shoe making and others that come down to innovative design.