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Saphir Suede Shampoo Omni nettoyant

Saphir Suede Shampoo Omni nettoyant

Saphir Omni Nettoyant Suede shampoo is perfect for removing dirt and dust deposits in between suede and nubuck surfaces. Suede shoes are in fact the easiest to clean with the proper products. They do not require waxes or creams or leather cleaners which means less time is spend on a single pair of shoes. Suede shoes are also great for travelling and extremely versatile.
Suede shoes should be cleaned at least once a month to maintain the silky appearance of the suede surface. The Suede shampoo penetrates the surface deeply and flushes out the dirt from within, renewing the surface and lightens up stains.
Brush the solution with a spatula brush (included in the box) and brush across the surface thoroughly. A light lather will be produced while cleaning. After brushing the entire suede surface with the solution, dip the spatula brush in a cup of clean water and continue brushing the water across the entire suede surface.  Leave the surface to dry and brush off with a suede brush after.